The Grub Fest



Get People To The Food Festival

When The Grub Fest started in 2015, their objective was simple – to get as many people as possible to the festival. We had the difficult task to create an all-encompassing strategy and execute the same on digital and offline platforms so that adequate anticipation was created which would result in people coming to the fest.



A Comprehensive Strategy To Make People Excited About Food

The Grub Fest had an array of restaurants, bars, local, and innovative food brands along with top music artists and chefs being a part of it over a 3-day period. We came up with different content categories to cater to each offering of the fest along with interactive, fun content to keep the audience engaged using consistent messaging with #TheGrubFest.

Our ad plan was similar where we highlighted the many offerings of the fest with creative artworks and ad copies.



Consistent Messaging Across Platforms

Since #TheGrubFest was our principal messaging, it remained the same across all platforms. However, at the same time, we used the strength of each platform to get the desired reach and engagement. At the same time, on the day of the festival, live Tweets, Instagram Stories, and Facebook posts created a great deal of buzz and got the job done.


Shared videos and different artworks


Initiated conversations with different celebrities, platforms, and shared the different artworks


Posted artworks, collaborated with influencers & bloggers, ran a few contests, and utilised stories


Designed and developed the website and put up all the details here


Created newspaper ads about the 5 festival mentioning important details

Hoardings & Posters

Designed quirky hoardings and posters that were placed at high traffic zones 6 in the city

Commissioned Under CMF

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